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youtube - 189 Metaphysical writings of modern Greek Master Nikolaos Margioris


Youtube - Inauguration of Omakoio of Trikala part1, part2


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INTERVIEW - INTERVENTION OF ILIAS KATSIAMPAS to Athensupdate.gr and to Maria Anthi for the particular period that we are going through, for the Metaphysical-Esoteric Instruction, the important Paths of Yoga and for the life and the multifarious oral and written work of Nikolaos A. Margioris, the modern Greek Mystic.






   Note: As we noted the present interview, was suddenly arranged on May 1st 2020 (Saint Zermain: Undertaking/Assignment of Responsibility as Maha Tsohan and Maha Manu), it was granted/delivered in the immediately following days, on May 5th, and then it was posted from the site of the athensupdate.gron May 6th, the day of the withdrawal of our Master N.Margioris from our world.

   Today, May 8th, the Feast of the White Lotus of E. P. Blavatsky, an important Triple Esoteric Feast of May is posted, with the corresponding esoteric days-feasts with which it concurred.

       -The questionsand the answers cover important matters, external, internal and spiritual, presenting the positions of the Great Mystics and so on of Nikolaos A. Margioris, the last of them (1913-1993).

     We Warmly thank Maria Anthi for this initiative of hers for the taking of this interview and for the excess sensitivity and the diligence that she hugged for its correct handling. With the wish and the hope that every searcher can find through it some points for his own course

For the Academy of Yoga N.Margioris-Omakoio of Trikala
Ilias Katsiampas


1. Katsiampas Ilias:
Ilias Katsiampas, responsible for the Omakoios of Trikala - Thessaloniki and for the Academy of N.Marioris

2.- Inauguration of Omakoio of Trikala:
From the Inauguration of the Omakoio of Trikala, January 18th1992.
On the photo Nikolaos Margioris and Ilias Katsiampas stand out

3- Margioris Writing
Master Nikolaos A. Margioris while writing the B' Volume of his work of three volumes Mystic Teaching. During the writing of his 180 works, except two-three exemptions, he did not use any bibliography, because he was writing directly from within himin an automatic way, with the power, the knowledge and the light of his soul for every matter that he was analyzing.


4- LECTURE OF Ilias Katsiampas:
From the lecture of Ilias Katsiampas on the subject "The Scale of the Creation"
5-Omakoio of Trikala:
From the interior of the Omakoio of Trikala
6- Omakoio Academy of Trikala:
From the interior of the Academy of Margioris-Omakoio of Trikala
7-Omakoio of Thessaloniki:
From the interior of the Omakoio of Thessaloniki




Ilias Katsiampas: The Esoteric Education is starting to get built

Ilias Katsiampas responsible for the Omakoios of Trikala-Thessaloniki and for the Academy of N. Marioris, is master of the Esoteric Philosophy, and the important paths of Yoga with a multiannual instructing experience, student for a decade and instructor of Nikolaos Margioris, the Master and modern Greek philosopher-mystic. He owns diplomas of studies from the Omakoio of Athens and the international Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). He is professor of Physical Training (TEFAA) while he has a service of 26 years in the journalism and in the newspaper of Trikala “The Search”, he is writer of many books and publisher.

In the interview that he granted to us he talks about his Master, the Omakoios, about the big questions that occupy man and his evolution, about yoga and he refers among others that Raja Yoga is the greater Esoteric Practical Psychology for the spiritual evolution-release of man that is going to dominate.

He realizes teleconferences and in the last period the attendance of the people for esoteric cultivation and search was impressive.

Yes, Koronaios was a probation for every man but it gave time for more knowledge. According to Mr. Katsiampas, in the next few years we shall have left in the past what extreme we suffered of. All do their circle, testing us and adding experience and knowledge to us. Nothing lasts forever in our ephemeral world.

   Mr. Katsiampas where do you attribute from your side and

your own information all what happens as signs of the time? We see that all the humanity experiences in an intense and continual rhythm some aggravating situations for it itself. One of these is also the pandemics of the koronaios (Covid19), a little earlier a generalized economical crisis with many suicides and formerly until today a tendency for overthrowing the values due to the globalization. Wars, immigration and other.

   In the eyes of the Experiential Metaphysics of the Mystics of the humanity, all what happens and always happened in the historical course of the humanity, have deepest karmic causes and all those who appear as decision makers on power positions that for a little or big of the happenings are responsible, from the foreground or the background, although as a rule they move by absolutely self-interested and authoritarian economical and humble utilitarian motivations (in some exceptions also by interest for the development), in fact they function unintentionally (and with our co-assistance), as "tools" of Karma “against all of us", but not excluded them themselves and in fact tο a large extent, they are simply not able to realize it.
   All these intense. hard, successive and persistent multimeter   challenges/changes that catalyze every previous admission, perception and normality and they open us to the… unknown and to the… uncertainty have a double purpose.

On the one hand, that each of us can arrange what karmic obligations that burden him in relation with himself and his fellowmen-society-nature etc. On the other hand that he "breaks” all this crass layer of the extroversion-materialism-egoism-individualism and the corrupt stereotypes and embarrassing perceptions that download us and elevate separating walls between the apparent truth (matrix), in which we "obligatorily" live in the type of an open prison and the Real-Holistic Perception of Ourselves, of Life, the Mysteries that rule it and of the One Hyper reality from which all issue and are destined to come back.

– Can you tell us what is karma for some who may not know or who have not been engaged in the matter? There are also those who did not occupy with the esoteric searches.

   Karma is the invisible but Very Fair Law of the Divine Order, of the Retributive Order for All (individuals, families, collectivities, nations, countries, governments, unions of states etc.), for every disorder, injustice, damage and material-moral-spiritual crime that we caused to the others and to the nature.

     The Starting Point of this Law is the Free Wiil and Action of man in Thought, Word and Action, individual and collective.
Consequently, every action in thought, word and act of all of us give continually birth to causes that will produce fatal results which we will meet before us sooner or later in our present and in our next lives, as psychopneumatic beings.

     It is a form of an Overseer Fourdimensional Eye from which NO thought/detail escapes from the action of the man, starting from the Thought, then the word and later the act.

     Even the inmost and most private thoughts of each of us (all) are FULLY imprinted on the photographic plate of the Nature (Etherical Archives or Fourdimensional World) and depending on their tendency, positive or negative (the second is the most usual as it is addicted with the average level of development of the humanity), they will be attributed to each of us in equal proportions depending on our participation, individually and collectively or also and all human/universally to all-universally.

     Karma is not a conventional human Justice that may be wrong, it is a Divine Representation of Justice that is mandated to supervise IMPARTIALLY in everything and especially where the free will acts.


     Even when on our external eyes something seems unjust and obnoxious, in fact can for nothing and never abstain from the perfect of the attribution of the rights to each of us, which is recorded-credited from the moment of the birth of the thought of man.

According to the metaphysics the speed of the thought touches the speed of the light and with this impetus it is continually diffused and influences to the kingdoms of the nature. It is not coincidence that the chariot of Apollo made the round of Delos 7 times. In the same way it is estimated that a thought in a second does the round of the earth 7 times and it drifts vibrating uniform thoughts that the black version of their digestion creates presuppositions for the manifestation of all the extreme physical or technical phenomena (viruses, famines, plagues, earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, economical lailapas, total movements of populations, conflicts, terrorist attacks and more), that turn up threateningly against man and by man.

-In your opinion where does this burden of the humanity move and what purpose has it? Let us not forget that for the first time many are those who began to worry for their life, the problem yes, is health, but the accessories may be other, as that one may lose his work and something that was unthinkable for one was to lose his freedom.

In 1999 I published a book that brings the title “Ioanni’s Apocalypse, Explained by N. Margioris”. In it, except the philosophical/spiritual interpretation of my Master N.Marioris that I deposited, that was irrelevant with our times, I included extensive/analytical prefational and selective analytical notes that I explained since then and I outlined in adequacy the time that would follow on the basis of the course that the humanity had taken, the data of the metaphysical knowledge, the view of my Master and the law of karma.

To the confirmation of the above but even more in order that every possibly concerned can take a first Esoteric Panoramic Picture-Update we offer free (omakoio@gmail.com) the said book in form pdf to anyone who would like to have a consequent metaphysical location and especially for the time that we are going through and the view of the metaphysics.

Independently of the alleged or not preparation of the virus (see our position here:

https://www.lifehub.gr/%cf%84%ce%b9-%ce%b5%ce%b9%ce%bd%ce%b1%ce%b9-%ce%bf-%ce%b9%ce%bf%cf%83/?fbclid=IwAR0xgWNjUFRN_Ieim597lw3ppyrDFEsI_VVvaM495OL4pNdJ5pyrj7ekaQw), all this has an objective character and everyone needs to take his measures and to follow the general instructions that the current science recommends, but without sparing also the alternative possibilities that inhere alongside for the strengthening of his immune with physical means but also with practical means as for example yoga (from 2016 it is constituting a spiritual inheritance of the humanity within Unesco, while the UNO has unanimously defined from 1015 the 1st of June as the day that yoga is being celebrated internationally).

The matter of the work is very much serious, because without it, man loses literally the earth under his feet and he is unable to react, to stand on his feet, to support his family and to think to search deeper answers on the matters of the life. Here the governments have a greatest and top RESPONSIBILITY to fulfill for the keeping of the social cohesion and the role they undertook.

All this burden has clearly intense its karmic trace and intents to give the opportunity to each of us not only to quit his own analogical burdens over him, to be trying but also to win himself again, to win his deep esoteric self again, that he somewhere he is approaching to forget completely due to the monarchy of the extroversion – individualism – selfishness.

Only this way one will be able to stand up straight, to find the center of gravity within him and to readjust his course on higher values and ideals, which can take him out of the karmic knitwear and to grant him his real identity and the real harmony but also a more human society that betakes gradually to its angelic development.

The soul does not bow from nothing and nobody. It is free, eternal and invulnerable and it is anyway ABOVE everything human and above every vice/feasibility of this world, even above what could be imposed temporarily against the physicmental body of the soul. The freedom (external or internal) is above ALL and deserves every Sacrifice.

-Where do you consider that the humanity is legally driving? This is something that preoccupies many people. To put it more simply: Which is the plan of God?

The Divine Plan is Insurmountable for every human and superhuman Intelligence and it contains every improbable small detail for EVERΥTHING.

The Plan of God is always Progressive, Spiritualist and Liberating. It directs man steadily and undisturbed, with the help of a Celestial and Earthly – incarnated Spiritual Hierarchy, in the fulfillment of his destiny as well as in the precipitation of the evolution of every humanspiritsoul on the Divine Standards, the perfect psychopneumatic.

It is man who on his free will chooses to resist to it, to delay and to limit the progressive ability that the Creator grants him generously.

He has the right to wait and to remain until the end of the Creation except His Divine Being, bearing all the karmic sufferings. But everyone and all (living and without life beings) in a given moment, with the End of the Times, will follow the Law of the Restoration of All according to Origenis.

-You have proceeded on teleconferences due to the koronoios, there was interest by the participants, given that for the first time not only your students but also many others heard you, the circle opened, was expanding to a much degree,

From 1992 that Nikolaos Margioris inaugurated our neo-Pythagorean School (Omakoio of Trikala), in Trikala and since, beyond the plethora of the systematic lessons, we indulged in a series of lectures for free to all those who had deeper interests and searches but also to every concerned.

With the advent of the koronoios (Covid19) problem and the emergency measures that followed, we saw that the people has by now enough time at his disposal and interesting to be informed in things. But at the same time the people began to be burdened of problems, anxieties, stresses, uncertainties, phobias for his health, for the present and for the future, depressing thoughts, need for answers why all this happen and in what they serve and more.

So, we considered as our obligation to go ahead and to start an arranged dense cycle on line of free FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEART lectures via zoom in all the scale of the Esoteric/Metaphysic Philosophy, where after every suggestion of ours, we give the ability for questions as much on the subject we develop as in general.

We immediately ascertained a very fast responsiveness in geometric progress of participations from Greece and abroad, but also a thirst of the people to take consistent metaphysical answers on everything scientist, external, internal and perhaps also pneumatic.

In this direction we continue to perform this duty of updating and information in a weekly frequency and a presentation-discussion of many hours every time.

-Mr Katsiampas will you continue your teleconferences and your speeches via Zoom?

The lectures are being continued regularly and barring unforeseen it is expected that they terminate in the end of the school of this year, that ις essentially considered for a “normality” to have come back.

The aim is that they come back from the new school year, contributing and offering an internal little stone in the Esoteric Education-Updating of man.

Can one give answers in great questions that occupy the human being and find the truth through the metaphysics? Are there answers that imprint the truth? And if these answers exist, at what extent is the truth defined?

The word truth is defined as withdrawal of the oblivion. So, there is some oblivion in the human mind that prevents it to remember its real “divine origin”. Consequently, any who lifts up the veil of this oblivion, faces the Truth right in the eyes. Great Socrates tells us this very vividly in the myth of the cave.

The Truth as meaning exceeds our world and the intellectual operation of man, that is based on 5 little holes that we call sensations which grant to us an absolutely traceable/epidermic picture of the reality.

The approach of the Truth can happen only by the superior operation of our Mind, the transcendental-superconscious one. And only those few who have deactivated it in our world tasted DIRECTLY its Divine Nectar and its Ambrosia and the perception of the Unity of All under a Divine Mind that is beyond place and time and that orchestrates everything, until every detail.

Until one gets experiences of analogous type, can and must draw knowledge from the stocks of the Mystics of the humanity, that have reached the above described points and ground this superstitious reality in earthy words and analysis, proper for the simple and uneducated human mind to understand them.

These meanings (The Esoterism For All) are the nearer copies of the truth that can be expressed in our world, and for this they make up timeless standards of value, esoteric education and spiritual orientation of the humanity, as they were expressed by the mouths and the pen of the mystics.

Yes, ALL the answers exist but one must knock properly in order to receive them proportionally until the time comes for one to experience them himself face to face.

Had Master Nikolaos Margioris talked to you about our times today? Had he referred to the future, the changes and to what is going to happen in the world of the creation?

He had talked about all what you refer, enough of which we touch in our witting of the Apocalypse that I mentioned above.

Independently of what other little and big surprises that the near future may reserve to us I shall be limited here to mention only that today the foundations for the distant future that listens to the name Valley of Roses are being laid

It is about the designation on what the Third Greek Civilization is going… to present itself, that will be at the same time the first postdiluvian, substantive and real Universal Cultural Civilization that will blossom as Rose in the surrounding area of Greece Mediterranean – Europe in the distant future and that will emit the Standard Cultural Ideas, retransmitting them to all the Universe and to the people who will inhabit then on the Earth.

Great Minds as philhellene Swiss Paul Amandeus Dinach,… Elena Petrovna Blavatsky and… Vivekananda as… 6th Root Race as well as Master Nikolaos A. Margioris, have talked directly or indirectly about it and expressed their forecast.

How many Omakoios do you have and what is the public attendance to them? You yourself established the Yoga Academy of Nikolaos Margioris where as known you were his student in his innermost circle. He himself was a great mystic.

First of all the word Omakoio (from omou akoume: we hear together) is the name of the first Open Metaphysical University of the humanity that Pythagoras established in the 6th century before the Christ in Croton of the Great Greece then.

In the multifarious line of the Pythagorean Teachings Nikolaos Margioris, the contemporary Greek experiential philosopher and christocentric mystic (1913-1993) was active 2500 years later, establishing the Omakoio of Athens in 1976.

Next, in 1990 he inaugurated the Omakoio of Lamia of his student Dimitris Tsaparas and in 1992 the Omakoio of Trikala, of his student Ilias Katsiampas. After his metastasis it was his assistant Smaro Kosmaoglou who undertook the Omakoio of Athens.

After his departure from our world, also four Omakoios were established as much by his students as by students of his students. Among them the Omakoio of Thessaloniki, the Omakoio of Loutraki, the Omakoio of Paleon Faliron, the Omakoio of Piraeus, the Omakoio of Karditsa, the Omakoio of Glyfada, atypical groups as those of Komotini, Chalandri, Corfu, Glyfada, Aegina and others.

The Omakoio of Lamia was transferred in Athens under the title Pythagorean Omakoio.

In 1912 the Omakoio of Trikala was transformed in Union under the title Yoga Academy N. Marioris-Omakoio for the saving, promotion and the more complete utilization of Master N. Margioris, domestically and internationally.

In 2009 in open voting to the public that the television channel SKY organized, Nikolaos Margioris stood out among the 100 Great (Top) Greeks of all the times.

And he was found in the 100 Great Greeks because he contributed the most in the configuration, presentation and popularization of a modern Greek Metaphysical Philosophy.

The teaching of N, Margioris consists in the harmonious coexistence of the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Indian philosophical considerations with the inner Christian tradition through the filter of his personal realization. Alongside it provides complete personal answers with unprecedented analysis on the Cosmogonic – Ontological – Eschatological Question, outcome of his own “mystic life”.

He himself describes this work in his 180 philosophical, spiritual and practical writings (35 books, 35 special essays, 49 issues of the magazine Omakoio and 7 treatises of metaphysics of correspondence courses, each of one is composed of 30 to 33 separate lessons). During the writing of his works he did not use bibliography, because he was writing from within him with the knowledge, the power and the light of his soul for every matter that he was analyzing.

IN ENGLISH: http://www.omakoio.gr/index.php/en/189-writings-of-nikolaos-margioris/35-books

IN GREEK: http://www.omakoio.gr/index.php/189-syggramata-nikolaou-margiori/35-vivlia



It is also worth noting that his saved oral stocks constitute an extremely important and remarkable wealth of philosophical and practical material that still remains unused.

More than 40 Greek and foreign writers have used his writings as source and they mention it in their bibliography.



Is Raja Yoga the yoga of the spiritual advancement and of the acceleration for the evolution of man? What is its difference from Kriya Yoga?

Raja Yoga is the greatest Esoteric Practical Psychology for the spiritual evolution-release of man that shall dominate with the end of the 5th root race and shall introduce us in the 6th Emerging Root Race, with serious hopes for containment of the dominating extroversion and renewal of the internality and the spirituality of man.

It examines knowingly, theoretically and practically, all the psychophysiology of anode of the meditation, of the phenomenon man and mind, and it provides all the practical supplies for the internalization and the acceleration of our evolution with basic tool the known to many principally verbally, Thought-Medidation-Mysticism.

Only through these means it breaks the mental barrier of the earthly threedimensional thought, that equals to the speed of the light of our dimension and the superthought-supermind-superdimensional Releasing Unifying Knowledge of the Things gush.

With the crucial contribution of the members of our Academy the book raja yoga of N. Marioris has been circulating since August 2019 internationally in the English language in printed and digital form, via Amazon and Smashwords:







Kriya Yoga constitutes the foundation of the carnal soul treatment, therapeutic, harmopnization/balancing/detoxication of body and mind, release of phobias and harmful habitudes, via mild bodily exercises (asanes), combined with proper rhythmic breathings, relaxation-internalization, concentration and comparison.

It is recommended for the support of the course also of the difficulties in the life of every man for prevention, health, wellness, harmony and consistent-correct preparation for his introduction in raja yoga, that beyond me, my cooperator Vana also serves.

Here you can see a very detailed article with an extensive analysis for all the subjects of kriya and raja yoga and of the rest important paths of yoga.


-Which is the most ideal age for some to acquire this knowledge for his evolution?

The age does not constitute any major factor because in the metaphysics the things are not counted in the same way that everyone understands in the external life.

First of all, everything ii is a matter of oldness/antiquity of the soul that every incarnated being brings and of the experiences that it carries. So, the talents and the treasuring of the experiences that every soul brings are different at the extent that it does not like at all with the other souls.

So, it is primarily a matter of soul and not a matter of apparent picture of a man. Certainly it is recommended for some soul that is novice, to start its search in young age, but all this is free, based on karma and the imperative or not need for answers of substance, but also of a proceeding that opens to man in experiences confirmatory of the provided knowledge of the Esoteric Education.

Are you optimistic for the future?

It is certain that we are going through an eminently unprecedented and particularly aggravating and intensely transitional time that every positive view maybe appear excess today.

But if we recall in our memory at the moment the duration and the horror only of the Second World War that the humanity lived in our days, with hundreds victims and hideous/abominable crimes we will see that what we live today, as much heavy and painful it is or it seems, is not in the least matched with the one that we suffered recently and massively/extremely as humanity.

In the next few years we shall have left it in the past. Everything does its cycle, testing us and adding to us experience and knowledge about the right and the wrong and about the larger opening to the One Unifying Life. Nothing lasts forever in our ephemeral world.

Yes, in spite of the times, we keep our optimism active and we believe that much better days will come after all this. Simple, it is to pass it.

We recommend patience, insistence, adjustment and continuous readjustment in the constantly changing and controversial situations that we live, readiness for action and opening to alternative/parallel choices of work, therapy, self-cultivation, self knowledge, collectivities, esoteric groups and why not also of innerness/spirituality.

But we need to be active in two axis.

Necessary the restriction of the extroversion that dominates us and muddles our mind and our real abilities and the opening in the Introversion-Esoteric Education-Cultivation that includes more, more serious and stronger supplies that can help us as much in our external life as in the superior metaphysical life that will complete and will balance/harmonize also the present one, individually and collectively. And this is the requested/claimed that begins to be “built” today.

Yoga for relaxation, concentration and meditation by Ilias Katsiampas

From the many mostly therapeutic positions of Yoga, there are some that for a series of causes are the only indicated for relaxation-deduction, for concentration and meditation.

Dominant among them are the following:

   Pantmasana or Lotus, Sinthasana or complete position, Svastikasana or Auspicious position, Sukhasana or cross-legged position or easy position, Vazrasana or Position of the diamond and Savasana or Position of the Relaxation or the Position of the corpse.

     Sinthasana position. Proper meditating position

     Savasana position or correct position for abstraction-relaxation

Vazrasana position or Diamond position






           Curriculum vitae of Ilias Katsiampas


Ilias L. Katsiampas is master of the Esoteric Philosophy and of the important paths of Yoga, having a multiannual teaching experience of 30 years (1990-2020), student for a decade (1983-1993) and instructor of Nikolaos Margioris, the Master and modern Greek philosopher-mystic (1913-1993), with diplomas of studies from the Omakoio of Athens and the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). He is also professor of the physical education (TEFAA).

He has a journalist service of twenty six years, he remained partner, director for two years and for 26 years publisher of the daily newspaper of Trikala “THE SEARCH”. He is writer and publisher of 15 philosophical works, 4 of which have been published and circulate in English, in hardcopy and digital form, via the universal digital platform of Amazon and of Smashwords. He is married and father of two children.

By N. Margioris he was taught first of all In Raja Karma, Gnani, Kountalini, Bakti, Kriya and other Yoga and a large number of other esoteric knowledge in various matters: In Esoteric Philosophy – Theology, Occulticm - Mysticim, Hypnotism-Orthopsychism, Scientific Spiritualism, Esoteric Therapeutics, Esoteric Initiation, Astrology-Astrosophy, Meditation and other.

On January 18th 1992 he established the cultural centre Omakoio of Trikala, which N. Margioris inaugurated, while from 1999 he has being active also in Thessaloniki (Omakoio of Thessaloniki).

In July 2012 with his cooperators and his students he established the Union “Yoga Academy Nikolaos Margioris – Omakοio” for an attribute to his Master and for the more complete utilization of his multisided philosophical, practical and written work (more than 180 philosophic, spiritual and practical writings).

His unshakeable conviction is that Yoga makes up a full philosophical and practical science-mental art that can fill the needs of the majority of the human frames of mind for wellness, health, self knowledge, harmony and spiritual evolution.

He also stands for and points out the highest need for a large teaching of the Esoteric Education for the creation of Healthy and Balanced Minds and of a really New Spiritual Man with holistic perception-self knowledge, self-reliance, autonomy, expanded Mind, disposition for offer, released of materialistic smallness and repulsed, proper to fit in and to respond better to the data of the modern reality, as well as of every future time of the humanity.







Emails: omakoio@format.com or omakoio@omakoio.gr



youtube  (Video Presentation) -

1. Ιnauguration Video of Neopythagoreanism Metaphysical School, Omakoeio Trikala, from the Greek Spiritual Master Nikolaοs Α. Margioris, Day Saturday, January 18, 1992, 8.00 pm, with English Subtitles. - Α΄Part of VIDEO (Duration: 2:02:44).

2. Ιnauguration Video of Neopythagoreanism Metaphysical School, Omakoeio Trikala, from the Greek Spiritual Master Nikolaοs Α. Margioris, Day Sunday, January 19, 1992, 8.00 pm, with English Subtitles. - B΄Part of VIDEO (Duration: 1:26:15)

3. Speech and video of Master Nikolaos Margioris at the house of Gregory Krombas on the subject of Socrates’ “stochasmos” i.e. concentration. Besides the presentation accompanied by the video, the above speech contains speeches from old cassettes translated into English and added to the video giving some extra teachings of Master Nikolaos Margioris. Additionally there is a 10 minute video with parts of a speech given by the Master to the students of his Spiritual Circle at a dinner in honor of his son Andreas Margioris, professor of Endocrinology, Athens 1986.

The Duration of the video is10 minutes. The whole video and the texts accompanying it are subtitled in English. Total duration of the video is 1 hour and 34 minutes.


Information: Yoga Academy of Nickolaos Margioris - Omakoio, Greece
Web Site: http://omakoio.blogspot.gr/
E-mails: omakoio@omakoio.gr ή omakoeio@gmail.com
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Man. The Divine Mind, gives you everything to facilitate you dismantling of your materials of covers they hides from you your divine origin and your spiritual radiance. Break the shackles of matter, by relinquishing all the interesting nature of matter and with your reconciling with karma, the Divine your support. Then you will experience the fun that few experienced the earth, rejoice with the aches and pains that you come to earth. These aches and pains, is your ticket, which will carry the material, the beloved spiritual region, where we will worship the Divine Flame and the bright spark we will unite with her, to exclaim that he who blesses and those who are blessed of one (we are) everybody. Athens February 23, 1989 Nicholas I. Margioris (Book Karma p 365)


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